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Since 2011, the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals have awarded Randy's pool designs with:

  • 14 Gold medals

  • 14 Silver medals

  • 16 Bronze medals


our team

Randy Angell

Boundary-Smashing Design Cyborg

Spending any amount of time around Randy seems to be proof that Elon Musk might be wrong about the dangers of artificial intelligence.  As a robot, Randy not only possesses the unparalleled level of analytical precision and design skill that his raving fans have come to expect, but with his latest firmware update he now comes with revolutionary new features like, patience, compassion, composure, something called "smiling" and an overall human sensibility that Apple's Siri may never achieve.



"We had contemplated building a pool for several years. We have minimal space in the backyard to work with, and we had completely transitioned the interior of our house from a ranch style to transitional/modern look. If we were going to spend the money, we had to have a design that we absolutely loved; otherwise, it was not worth the investment. As I researched designs on Houzz and various sites, I kept coming across Randy's designs and we loved all of them. Randy had cracked the code on using space in a very functional manner and creating design elements that are striking without being over the top. We asked Randy to create a design for our space which would include a pool and outdoor kitchen as well as a fireplace sitting area. Randy came to our home and spent time discussing how we planned to use the space and really digested our home design as well as flow and use of the space. He returned back with a set of markup photos that were incredibly detailed and brought his proposal to life. He also created a fly-through that he delivered to us via YouTube (Frisco - The Lakes: Modern Swimming Pool and Outdoor Kitchen). The fly-through, again, gave us an unbelievable comfort level that we loved the design and it would fit perfectly in our space. Randy has learned the art of listening first and asking really good questions. He is highly professional and reliable. Randy has a gift, and our family certainly enjoyed the benefit of his design gift and his enjoyable personality."

Keith & Natalie W.

Frisco, TX



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