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So, How Does This Work?

( and other unanswered questions )

Whether you were sent here after a brief introduction, or you found this page all on your own;  you're probably here because you're considering working with us and you may still have some unanswered questions about what we do or what our process looks like.  Here you'll find a detailed breakdown of our design timeline, and also a list of some of the most frequently asked questions.  However, if you make it to the bottom and you still feel that something is unclear, we're happy to take your call and answer any questions you might have!



Contact us via phone, email, or even text so that we can chat with you about your project.  We'll then schedule a fee-based consultation so that our principal, or one of the associates, can assess your space and your goals.  For non-local projects across the nation or around the globe, we can schedule a phone conference or web meeting.  


Copious notes from our consultation interview are translated into a scope of work and then into a formal proposal, organized with design objectives, fee schedules, and a precise list of deliverables. The proposal is then delivered to you, along with an invoice for deposit.


Upon receipt of a signed agreement and a deposit payment, your project is immediately placed into our design workflow queue. Priority is given to each project based upon the chronological order with which all project deposits have been paid.  Our workload can fluctuate throughout the year, but we do our very best to deliver our initial design to you as fast as possible.  On average, it typically takes 6 to 8 weeks from the point of receiving a deposit payment, to seeing the initial design presentation.


Using your property survey or site plan, we lay out the footprint of your home, measure all relevant doors & windows, locate trees, and survey the terrain to record all elevation changes, giving us a perfect snapshot of your existing space. For non-local clients, we work with you to acquire as many relevant plans, details or topographical maps as you have available.  The more information the better.


The fun finally begins! We ponder, we sketch, we model, and we consult a portrait of Frank Lloyd Wright. All while taking into consideration an obsessive amount of notes which we’ve compiled on your wants, needs, goals, tastes and the lifestyle that your family lives.


We schedule a date to come back out to your home and present you with a virtual fly-through video, a thoroughly detailed, architecturally-stylized 3D model, and a large-format color plan of the entire design area. The final payment is due upon presentation, and digital copies of the deliverables are not released until final payment has been received.


After having time to “digest” the design, we later discuss a list of changes you’d like to see made (if any).  We then agree on the changes and immediately make a revised design.  We complete the process and the agreement by sending you a revised set of deliverables.


You now have a perfect design that you cannot live without!  The next step is to share the design and solicit competitive bids from qualified builders.  We’ll explain the many ways in which RAD can remain involved in future steps, like bidding, permitting, construction planning, construction consulting, and even finish-out & furnishing selection services--all of which are available by separate agreement(s).



( or "F.A.Q." as the kids would say )

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