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What Is Exterior Design?

Exterior Design is our passionate practice of addressing your entire outdoor space, from it's largest and most obvious parts, down to the smallest details that are frequently overlooked.  It's not enough for us to hear your requests and then arbitrarily implement each of them into a design--anyone can do that. Our designs address your lifestyle and every single dream that is conjured up in your head when you think about how you'd like to live in your ideal outdoor space.

We bring over 30 years of creative, boundary-pushing, design experience, and we can transform your backyard into a breath-taking, modern, outdoor extension of your home.

But what is a home?  Objectively, it's not the same thing as a "house", which could be defined simply as a large group of walls, doors, windows and cabinets, all gathered underneath one roof.


Subjectively, your "home" is so much more than that.  It's where your favorite people are.  It's the smell of your favorite dish being cooked in the kitchen.  It's your favorite chair. Decor made from your favorite materials and in your favorite colors.  It's the halls and walls adorned with your most cherished memories.  It's the sound of laughter from your family and friends. It's the collection of things most important to you.  It's perfectly personalized in every way imaginable, and it is your unique escape.


Simply put, your "home" is a physical extension of your life and of the people in it.

This is the difference between passionate exterior designers like ourselves, and everyone else.  

We live and breathe the details.

We live and breathe unique, personalized design.

It's The Art Of Addressing All Of The Details...

  • Outdoor additions

  • Swimming Pools

  • Outdoor Living Rooms

  • Outdoor Kitchens

  • Decking Layouts

  • Traffic Patterns

  • Furniture & Arrangements

  • Decor

  • Finishes

  • Colors

  • Materials

  • Group Size / Accomodations

  • Fire Features

  • Water Features

  • Landscaping Concepts

  • Architectural Features

  • Lighting Design

  • Hardscapes

  • Retaining Walls

  • Renovations

...And Putting Them Together In The Most Cohesive Way Possible

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